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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Going Beyond Locke's Natural Rights


Anna Van Z said...

I think this is absolutely true, but as yet the majority does not grasp this.
Aside from increasing our peaceful activism to maximum, people need to start using whatever space they have to grow things - yesterday. Even if you can just manage big pots of dirt on a patio or balcony, you can grow all kinds of things. When the dollar crashes, our economy is going to be way worse off than people now realize. The cost of food will skyrocket.
The answer is partnering with nature to produce as much as we can sustainably, in a way that preserves the planet for future generations.
For people that have yards, even 1/4 acre can produce an astounding amount of food. Get rid of that useless lawn and put in a garden. Next year at this time, you're going to be very glad you did!

Twilight said...

Super piece - and excellent video.....thanks!

What a great lady is Dr. Shiva - I wish we had someone of her ilk here, to speak out so clearly and so well on our behalf.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Anna, most people have no idea that the wheels are in motion toward a U.S. Dollar collapse. The situation does look bleak and it seems only just a matter of time, doesn't it? Here's a
video of what one scenario could look like. It makes your recommendation to start growing a garden even more imperative, since it seems to be just a matter of when...not if.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Thanks, Twilight, and thanks for stopping by!

Yes, I agree, Dr. Shiva's an absolutely amazing person! She's a defender of the common people in her country and has written extensively about environmental issues, and women's issues, that have a profound impact not only for India, but in a broader context, our whole world community.

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~ Wow! That was a scary video about a possible dollar collapse.

One thing gave me pause though - the little boy's t-shirt (he was standing in the supermarket) with Obama's "Hope" face on it, and the surrounding shelves empty.

I think this video has been made overly scary - FEAR is the weapon of the right and I suspect there is right-wing influence - or malific influence behind this.

I went to look for something more down to earth (as I see it), with less hyperbole and found this, which isn't encouraging but certainly not as outright scary.


There have been scares throughout past decades for one reason or another. The internet spreads fear more than was ever possible in past decades. I believe we should always be on our guard, yet remain level-headed. Many fears of the past never materialised - or if they did, in much milder form. I suspect this is what will happen here.....a milder form of what is feared.

Twilight said...
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Jefferson's Guardian said...

Good morning Twilight! I linked through to Ms. Amadeo article and agree that she softens the potential repercussions of a dollar collapse. But one sentence reverberated with me, and it coincided with the stark image of the empty grocery store shelves and the violence in the streets, when she threw in the following caveat: "Update your passport, in case things get so bad for so long that you need to move quickly to another country."

Certainly, there are many messages from the Right that play on this exact theme, and the Internet exacerbates the spreading of these messages. But, it can't be denied that there are many forces in play right now that could create a "perfect storm", of sorts -- sooner than later. I think the underlying message, from all, is be prepared for the worst (and hope for the best).

Twilight said...

Yes ~~~ that sentence clanged around my head for a long time too!
I'm not sure my only alternative to flee to (UK) would be in a much better state though. ;-(

I'm trying to remain at least partially positive.

Ellis D., Esq. said...

A matter of when and not if.....I often wonder how long the establishment can keep this illusion of a working economy going. I live in an area that is supposedly doing better than most places and we still see few people shopping in food stores, fewer and fewer people driving on the roads and employment opportunities for living wage jobs nonexistent. I guess all the young people should just join the military since that will soon be the only employer. As for the rest of us we need to board phantom ships with phantom sails and set sea on phantom tides to a phantom place where we can start over !!! It sure won't be pretty in Amerika when the shit hits the fan !!

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Autonomy -- scorned for its inherent supremacy and inequality -- as postmodern whites wear the jewelry of tribe and chief.