Our country is no longer controlled by, and for, We the People, but instead by, and on behalf of, international banking and multinational corporate interests. While the gradual, almost imperceptible takeover of our government by this corporate fascism has been evolving by design for many decades, it is a coup d'etat nonetheless and has been disastrous for the vast majority of Americans. This blog is an exploration and discussion of how this occurred, and the damage it has done to our democratic processes.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Class Warfare...Against You

It's time to break my silence and continue railing against the biggest, most dangerous enemy our democracy faces. It's the indelible threat of authoritarianism, masquerading in the form of democracy and liberty. 

It's a threat as dangerous to freedom and democratic values as the medieval system of feudalism was a thousand years ago. It's a threat borne of "too big to fail" capitalism; not the capitalism envisioned by Adam Smith -- of small producers and divisions of labor, where rational self-interest and competition collaborated to increase economic prosperity. 

The capitalism that exists today is nothing of the sort. It's a rogue form of capitalism, a monopolistic and financial capitalism that has contributed to even greater accumulations of capital, which have spawned corporatism within our government institutions and our political parties. In other words, the control of our government[s] by large interest groups with large sums of money -- government by the wealthy and for the wealthy.

The following article by Rob Kall, the executive editor and publisher of OpEdNews.com, speaks exactly of this grave threat to the America as we've known it.
Corporatism is Killing America

There's a reason college costs are going through the roof and Students are going into massive debt... education is facing the same enemy that the middle class faces.  That's the message Debra Leigh Scott offers in her article,  How The American University was Killed, in Five Easy Steps. Scott offers a new perspective on one more way that corporatism is waging war on the middle class, on the American dream and on most Americans. 

There is a massive difference between mega-corporations and small businesses. The big ones and their obscenely wealthy CEOs, owners and top execs are waging an all out war on the middle class. They are pushing for laws, legislation, regulations and de-regulations that will kill people. KILL PEOPLE.

They have already killed people. They have already put millions of people, millions of family into havoc, chaos, misery and ruin. 

They are our enemies. The people who advocate for them are our enemies. To be sure, not all corporate heads are evil or our enemies. But most of them are. 

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Anna Van Z said...

So true, and such an urgent topic. Each day brings more assaults on individual rights, privacy, personal freedom, and well-being.

Additionally, we are being robbed blind. All of this has been fully enabled and promoted by the government. This is NOT a government "by the people, for the people."

I don't know what it's going to take for the average distracted/oblivious citizen to wake the fuck up, but we're at the point of no return here.

If the American people don't rise up en masse now, and assert or reclaim our rights and civil liberties, this country will be fascism on steroids - to the extent that most can't now grasp.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Anna, I'm wondering myself what it's going to take, but I've been wondering this for many years.

Unlike other western nations where people storm the streets when brazen forms of austerity measures are implemented, or even discussed, the citizens of the Corporate State of America® only bury their heads in the sand more.

The next few years (months?) should be very telling.

S.W. Anderson said...

Excellent post, especially that third paragraph.

What's it going to take to get the great majority of Americans to pay attention and vote their own best interests?

Democratic politicians are going to have to go back to their roots and be the liberal party again. That doesn't mean there should be no room in the party for some moderates. It does mean no more trying to have it both ways, with hands out to special interests that need reining in — especially in the financial and energy industries.

As for the voting middle-class public, they're going to have to find a way past their insecurities and resentment over a whole grab bag of things that aren't worth the punishment they're asking for — and getting — because of them. For example, racial bigotry and gun-nut paranoia. Things like falling for nonsense such as charges Democrats are weak when it comes to national security or that liberals want to shake down the wealthy and hard-working business operators and middle-class people to get the money to buy votes from lazy welfare queens and the absentee fathers of their many children.

And yes, middle-class people who want change need to pay attention in a sustained way. They need to get involved, supporting liberal candidates at the local, county and state level, as well as candidates for Congress and the White House.

All those things are a tall order. If people can't see their way clear after what they've been through over the past 20 years, I don't now what it's going to take.

Dave Dubya said...

I don't now what it's going to take.

I don't either, but I'm afraid it will take the worst case scenario to do it.

Permanant wars, corporate owned politicians, corporate media and their severe austerity for the public so the elites can rise to neo-feudal overlords may be what eventually does it. But it may already be too late.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

I defy class for a opposition to such corporate ventures, based on right-wing populism. Which isn't a socialism; but an awareness aginst elites. And a concern for multi-national corporations withering nation-states.