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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Revealing the NIST Fabrication

Fires only on floors 7,8,9,11,12 and 13

Scientific Fraud Derailed Democracy and Justice

A little over three years ago I published a post about accelerated free fall and what this meant. In that piece, I listed seven facts about World Trade Center 7, one being "(I)f fire caused Building 7 to collapse, it would be the first, ever, fire-induced collapse of a steel-frame high-rise" -- not only in the United States, but anywhere in the world. Just as this was true three years ago, it's just as much a statement of fact today.

I just finished reading The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False, by David Ray Griffin. In this account, Mr. Griffin shows that NIST's final report on WTC 7 (issued in August 2008) was not only unscientific, but reveals how its authors committed scientific fraud by ignoring, falsifying and fabricating evidence. As John D. Wyndham, Ph.D., Physics, reviews on the back cover of Griffin's work: "A definitive study of what happens when political concerns are permitted to override science and the scientific method. With intellectual finesse worthy of a scientist, Griffin shows that NIST's WTC 7 report has no scientific credibility. A must read for all concerned with the restoration of science to its 'rightful place' in our democracy." I'll take Dr. Wyndham's last sentence a step farther by adding that this book is a must read for all concerned with the restoration of democracy and justice to its rightful place in our hijacked republic.

It seems to me that the naysayers who fight tooth-and-nail, screaming-and-spitting in their hysterical attempts to debunk the research that says, very definitively, that the collapse in free-fall of WTC 7 couldn't have occurred in any way other than by the use of controlled demolition, are always those who live every aspect of their lives through quaint slogans and sound bites. Much evidence, both of a physical nature and through testimony, has revealed startling developments since 9/11. Not surprisingly, this information has never been broadcasted to the public -- but this doesn't mean it doesn't exist.    

The following is taken from Appendix B: Another Towering Inferno That Did Not Collapse of Griffin's book. My intent is not to go through each finely researched detail of Griffin's work. That's been adequately done through other sources, most available on the Internet. Rather, I want to substantiate my previous claim, from over three years ago, that never in the history of steel-framed high-rise construction, has a fire brought down a building in total collapse -- unless you're willing to believe NIST's final report concerning WTC 7. 

"In Chapter 10, we saw that NIST acknowledged the fact that fires in previous high-rise steel-framed buildings -- such as the 1988 fire in the First Interstate Bank building in Los Angeles, which burned for 3.5 hours, and the 1991 fire in One Meridian Plaza in Philadelphia, which burned for 18 hours -- did not cause them to collapse. (NIST could have also mentioned the 2004 fire in Caracus, Venezuela, which raged for 17 hours in a 50-story building, completely gutting its top 20 floors.)

NIST sought to rationalize this fact, as we saw in Chapter 10, in terms of differences in design. One of the crucial differences, NIST claimed in its Draft Report, was the fact that, in all of those other buildings, shear studs had secured the girders to the floor slabs, whereas in WTC 7 the girders were not secured with shear studs.

In its Final Report, however, NIST admitted that its former claim was not true: There were no girder shear studs in one of the buildings that had remained standing. NIST's attempt to blame WTC 7's collapse on the absence of girder shear studs was thereby significantly undermined.

This attempt was then completely destroyed by the discovery, reported in Chapter 10, that NIST's claim about WTC 7 was also not true: Its 2004 report on WTC 7 showed that shear studs had connected its girders to the floors.

Accordingly, although NIST tried to mitigate the evident absurdity of its claim that WTC 7 was brought down by fire -- in spite of the fact that fires in steel-framed high-rise buildings prior to 9/11 had never caused any of them to collapse, even though some of those fires had been much larger and longer-lasting than the fires in WTC 7 -- the NIST report served only to show that the absurdity of this claim could not be mitigated.

On February 9, 2009 -- less than three months after NIST had issued its Final report -- the absurdity of this claim was made dramatically evident by a fire in Beijing's Television Cultural Center (TVCC), a 500-foot-high steel-framed structure. This building consisted of a main tower plus two wings.
Raging inferno at TVCC (2/9/2009)
The main tower was to be occupied by a luxury hotel, the Mandarin Oriental, so some news reports about the fire referred to the building by that name. The headline for the Associated Press story, for example, was: 'Fire Rages at Beijing Mandarin Hotel.'

The fire, which was started by fireworks, evidently began about 7:30pm, quickly spread throughout the entire structure, and was not put out until early the next morning. 'The entire hotel building was engulfed in flames,' said the Associated Press. 'Flames 20 - 30 feet high shot out of the building,' reported Reuters, adding that the fire did not begin to abate until about midnight. The all-engulfing nature of this fire is shown in videos available on the Internet.

The building's structure, however, was unaffected. 'For all the ferocity of the fire that reached the top of the brand new cultural centre and hotel complex,' the Guardian observed, 'the structure of the building looked to be remarkably unscathed.' This newspaper even highlighted this fact with its headline: 'Beijing's Newest Skyscraper Survives Blaze.' A report on the aftermath, which accompanies a video showing the surviving structure, states: 'Local sources say the structure of the building remains sound.'

The fires in the TVCC tower and WTC 7 were alike in one respect, namely, that the buildings in which they occurred were similar, being steel-framed structures of roughly the same height (the TVCC tower was approximately 500 feet, WTC 7 approximately 600 feet), in which no sprinkler system was working on the floors on which fires occurred (in WTC 7, these were the lower floors; in the TVCC tower, these were all the floors, as the sytem had not yet been installed).

Otherwise, however, the fires were completely different. Whereas the TVCC fire engulfed the entire building, from top to bottom, WTC 7 had what NIST called 'sustained fires' on only six of its 47 floors, and even these six floors were never entirely engulfed by fire.

Structurally unaffected steel-frame of TVCC (right)
Also, whereas the TVCC fire endured for a long time -- at least eight hours; one report says fifteen -- the fires on the six floors of WTC 7 evidently lasted, as we saw in Chapter 8, for periods ranging from 40 minutes to slightly over three hours. As a result, the thermal expansion and weakening of steel in WTC 7 would have been insignificant compared with the expansion and weakening in the TVCC tower. This would be true even if we accepted NIST's unsubstantiated claim that the fires on these floors lasted for seven hours.

And yet, NIST would have us believe that the fires on those six floors of WTC 7 brought it down, whereas the all-engulfing fire in the Beijing building left it structurally unaffected. One might be forgiven for suspecting that this fire in Beijing, coming so soon after the appearance of NIST's Final Report on WTC 7, was arranged by the gods in order to drive home the absurdity of this report."

Please make a point of going to the Web and doing a search about the TVCC tower (or the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Beijing) and pull up videos of this enormous fire. Watch the red and orange fire plumes leap into the night sky. Then, look up WTC 7 and look for any available videos of that burning tower from the afternoon of September 11, 2001. There's not a lot to be found, whether video or photographs, but what is available indicates a stark difference. The fires in WTC 7 were limited to a few floors (just six, by NIST's own account, and those appear starved for fuel based upon the billowing black smoke -- so could not have been burning very hot), and were not sustained in any one area for any more than a little over three hours (and in some areas, as little as forty minutes).

If you want to see David Ray Griffin poke giant holes in NIST's final report on WTC 7, and you want to be convinced that this report is filled with not only bad scientific reasoning and poor logic, but is also brimming with blatant lies and omissions, than make a point of getting a copy. It certainly adds more fuel to the already spreading fire proving that the whole official narrative behind what actually happened that day is false. However, you might be one who wants to live a life filled with quaint sound bites and charming quasi-patriotic slogans. If so, be my guest. Not everybody's capable of understanding the truth...but the facts are the facts, and the glaring fact here is that never has a steel-frame skyscraper fallen by fire alone. Ever. But NIST wants you to believe WTC 7 did.


Anna Van Z said...

The timing of this post is interesting, as I have been noticing on various "progressive" comment boards a number of 9/11 commenters bashing the truth movement, and stating how the government fable of what happened is correct. It started with the posting on numerous sites of some low-brow from Popular Mechanics (look discredited for its disinfo bullshit) attempting to prove that kerosine fires of short duration can bring down steel framed high-rised neatly into their own footprint. And even fires without kerosine (aka bld.7) also can magically cause a building's free-fall into its own footprint in a matter of seconds.

In fact, I am STILL debating with a commenter, who is clearly an infiltrator, who insists that the government version is correct.

Yes, I have researched this for many years, so I am aware of countless details the general public is probably not aware of. But even so, just LOOKING at the many videos out there of these buildings collapsing tells you all you need to know - you can SEE, with your own eyes, that these building were brought down in a massive demolition!

To me, the astounding thing is all the people who will not let themselves see that which is front of their faces. They just don't want to deal with the ramifications of the fact that everything they've been told about, well, pretty much everything, is bullshit. It's too overwhelming for them, and these folks would rather NOT know. It's very much a kill-the-messenger mentality.

You presented a fact-filled piece here - well done. Sadly, there are many who refuse to accept facts that make them uncomfortable.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Sadly, low-information believers in the official narrative are dangerous to democracy -- just as low-information voters are. With this in mind, is it any wonder that there seems to be a systematic push to eliminate the teaching (and learning) of critical thinking skills in our school systems? Totalitarian governments, inverted or otherwise, function easier and more efficiently when that nasty nuisance of free speech doesn't get in the way.


The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.” ~~Neil deGrasse Tyson

...and the true reasons behind the free-fall collapse of WTC 7 (the proverbial smoking gun) are totally based upon sound science.

Hence, believers in the official narrative only believe what they can see. (Hence, they also believe that Siegfried and Roy really did make lions disappear in those Las Vegas showrooms...)

Thank you, Anna, for your comment.

Anna Van Z said...

Here's another, current example: The luxury highrise hotel in Dubai:


Notice how it hasn't collapsed neatly into its own footprint!

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Yeah, I saw a crawl about it on the bottom of the TV early Friday morning when I got up, so immediately pulled it up online. At this time (early Saturday morning), there are not many new developments beyond what was known yesterday, except I read in two accounts that the fire didn't spread internally (due to, I suppose, automatic fire suppression systems).

But...if one truly believes the NIST final report (issued August 2008, for public review, and then the final cut in November 2008), than one would naturally have to suppose that the heat created from the all-engulfing fire would have thermally expanded the floor beams at the Address Downtown Dubai hotel -- just like it claims occurred with WTC 7 -- thus heating a key column leading to global collapse of the building. Also....keep in mind, that fires only occurred in six (yes, 6) of the WTC 7 floors (out of 47). By all news accounts, this latest fire in Dubai engulfed the entire building.

As of right now, the Address Downtown Dubai hasn't fallen into its own footprint. [sarcasm]

(NOTE: The NIST final report never claims that damage from fallen debris from the north WTC Tower collapse contributed to the collapse of WTC 7; only the thermal expansion of floor beams, which eventually caused Column 79 to fail, resulting in global collapse of the tower (with 2.5 seconds of the little more than 6 second collapse, occurring in total free-fall. Amazin', huh!)

Dave Dubya said...

The truth offers no comfort. The lies wrap it up and put them at ease. No more thinking about what they don't want to know.

Thank you Ministry of Truth. Big Brother loves us after all.

Very comforting indeed.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Dave, truer words could not be spoken. ("It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma!...but I still don't want to know!")

Yes, thank you, so much, Ministry of Truth...

...and thank you, Dave, for your usual fine comments.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Chuck, it certainly is interesting, isn't it? The prevailing corporatocracy -- the corporate state -- keeps gaining momentum. The more things change, the more they stay the same -- or get worse.

Oh, and I'm sorry you're sad. Did your government-subsidized selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor run out?